Reiki helps grieving

I am writing about grieving because I just got the news that my favorite uncle died. I had a premonition, that he was going to pass soon. So, I went to visit him at his home to see him. He was not doing well and felt he was going to leave us soon. He said he was going to visit me soon. You promise “Tio” “yes,” he said. Reiki help in grieving and healing. Using my Curandera skills of getting in touch with my loved one.

Grief is another blow to the heart. It is so traumatizing. I decided to say a prayer for him, I had never done this reiki ritual and thought I would try it. I have always told my students, that you make Reiki your own.

I made a little alter. Placed a picture of my uncle on it Placed the reiki symbols on his picture, I lastly used the Hon-Sha- Ze-Sho-Nen, which is the long-distance healing symbol.

The long-distance is because he is now in another dimension.  I wanted to pray and wish him well in where ever heavenly level he was going to go to. Either way, he was going to be with his family and my mom. I knelt and asked my Angels, Reiki guides, and spirit guides to accompany me, Placed the divine white light all around me, for I am traveling to see him. I meditated.

There I was, I thanked him for all the wonderful times we had together as a family. I told him he was going to be with the rest of the family now. To give my mom and my favorite Tia Paula a hug, since we cannot give hugs here, we can only send them love. After talking to him. I felt his presence, he was asking me questions and I answered him to the best of my knowledge.

After the ritual, I left the candle burning. I felt so much better and did not feel the pain of losing him as bad as I did at first.

I went to Tio’s funeral and his family was there. What can and should you say? Some friends will pull back and some of my other family will not talk to me Why? Because it hurts so damn much. Some do not know what to say. When my sister died, I would mention her name and break down and cry.

Sometimes, I felt so abandoned. After that experience, I did not want my cousins to feel that way.

The following is what I was told to do for me and I’d like to pass this on to those who have suffered a death of a loved one.

What can you do?

  • Take care of yourself. Make sure that our physical health is good.
  • Keep doing what is routine in life, go to bed at my regular time, even if you don’t feel sleepy.
  • Meditate/ pray for your loved one.
  • Be joyful and grateful for the time you spend together.
  • It’s OK to cry, crying will heal as long as you express yourself emotionally.
  • Talk about the loved one to those who know how it feels to lose a loved one.
  • Make time for yourself, If need be alone, find time to do so.
  • Do not isolate yourself from others for too long.
  • It’s ok to need a hug.

Thank you for allowing me to mourn with you. It helps to have someone to talk to and cry with.



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