Relief for fussy baby

Hi, my name is Rosa M. luna, I am a Curandera/healer, I am into folk healing and a Reiki Master and teacher. I am also a certified Clinical Hypnotists therapist. I have been working as a Curandera therapist for almost 30 years. Assisting people with many problems including a fussy baby.

I wanted to tell you about one of many experiences in hope that you too could be someone who would love to learn to help others to heal of some miseries.

Relief for fussy baby

I had a client who came in with a baby and they could just not get it to stop crying and had not slept well for three days due to colic they said. Parents were getting ready to take her to the hospital but decided to bring her to me.  What I noticed was that her soft spot above the center of her head was flat and sunken in. We call it “la moiera”.

So, I worked on the soft spot on top of the baby’s head to bring it up the level to her skull. Hoping that it could be something as simple as that. The baby was fussy thru the treatment which only lasted about 15 minutes. After the “moiera” was back to normal the baby fell asleep.

According to the parents, the baby stopped being fussy and slept through the night. No more colic.  Some people do not believe this or understand what this is all about. We don’t know as well, but it works.

Sometimes, if the baby’s moiera has been sunken for a long time, we add some leathered-up hand soap and rosemary herb to hold the moiera up as it dries until the soft spot is level to the rest of the baby’s head and stays there by itself. After it is leveled, wash the scalp with warm water to remove the mixture.

A Curandero’s job is never done. I was invited to a bautismo, a baptism. This is a big party with lots of food. The Godparents are introduced and sometimes there’s is music, dancing, it is a very special occasion when everyone is just having fun.

People take turns holding the baby, soon will hear the baby crying. Because someone has given it the “evil eye”.

That happens because of the energy of someone who did not get a chance to hold the baby or had a great desire to hold the baby and didn’t get the chance to and just stared at the baby, no harm, no foul intended, but the desire was a strong energy intent.

The baby suffers pain or a bad headache. This is called the evil eye. I volunteered to treat her while I was there using an egg. Problems solved. The baby fell asleep and when he awoke, he was fine. Another folk lure in which is unexplainable, yet lots of Latino people know of this.

I had a Sister who had strong desired evil eye energy, I stated had a sister, because she died of cancer and a broken heart.

We called it the evil eye energy. she just had strong energy for it.

My brother had just bought guppies from the store and decorated the fish tank in blue and it enhanced the color of the guppies, which were a neon color of blue, very attractive it made the fish tank look very beautiful.

My sister came upon the tank and stated how cute they were and was going to put her hand in the tank and my brother stopped her. The next day many of the guppies were dead.

My sister also looked at some baby birds that a friend of hers had in a cage.  The same thing happened to the birds, dead the next day.

Believe it or not. This incident happens when she admired some little animals like that and did not touch them. This happens to me as well, when it comes to babies, some plants. I am not sure why this happens and how. Maybe, someday someone will explain these phenomena with this type of energy.



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