Root Cause of Illness

The root cause of illness is unresolved emotional issues. Root causes if not taken care of in the mind, body, and heart turn into an illness, and worse if they stay in the body for too long of a time, it could turn into a disease. The root cause is an emotion stuffed into a tissue, muscle, or organ.

What kind of healing you can get is very essential? Going to a shaman or Curandera/o can help assist with getting to the root cause of what is ailing you If the healer has experience in many of these things, she would find it out easily.

Among other information I can obtain from the patient/client’s subconscious mind is the goal of the percentage of the healing outcome.  While obtaining this information ask your spirit guides to connect to the clients/patients spirits guide or angels. Ask how many sessions will it take to heal?  Does the disease benefit the person? Wisdom and answers are always in your questions.

Ask if they really want to heal and do they want to make a change in their lives. In my experience, some of my clients would like to heal and make changes in their lives but there is a secondary gain to their intention. That is one of the reasons to stay ill, could it be that it’s because they are applying for Social Security and need to feel ill until they qualify for S.S. Insurance. Wisdom is always in your questions.

At this discovery, I tell them to come back after they qualified for Social Security benefits. There is always a message you are to learn during these times of an illness and the faster you learn this lesson the faster you will heal.

I had a client who had bad knees, while in my treatment with hypnosis, we found out she was a warrior in some of her past lives, and she would always aim at the enemies’ knees to stop them or slow them down.

After bringing this knowledge up the pain in her knee cease the hurt, within two weeks she was better and the pain was gone. It took 2 more sessions for another emotional attack. I met with the client about that painful issue. It had come along piggyback on the last healing.

Other questions you could ask is “if the illness is been used as an excuse not to: for example, find a job, get into a relationship, or any other reason not to comply with something that scares them or makes it difficult for themselves to go on, move on with life.

Also judging experiences, good or bad experiences create blockages, as well. Some experiences we judge as a bad experience and not coming to terms with the bad experience, we form or create an energy blockage that could be carried from generation to generation in our basic blueprint.

Not until these blockages are dealt with at the root cause, they will continue to cause chronic pain with no known reason. As a healer, it is your job to find and remove these blockages.  Wisdom is always in your questions.

Most people don’t realize that personal poverty or homelessness is just as much a disease as the brand name diseases and can be healed just as effectively. In our society, it is one of the major diseases.

Healing personal poverty or homelessness and the feelings brought on by lack of adequate funds helps any of the brand name diseases.. Blessings to all who love and care for others.




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