Shifting our Mood Along with Earth

Isn’t this the hardest thing to do? Is it possible to keep a good attitude, at work, at home, or just anywhere? Shifting your mood is not really that hard. Really, especially when you are being grateful at the moment of feeling sad, depressed, or negative.

Don’t you just hate…hate is a strong word. When I am in a bad mood, I do not like those “happy-go-lucky” people around me. Don’t you feel that way too? I do, so one day at work I asked this co-worker why she was always in a good mood.

I wish I could keep up that beat; I had been working there for many years and this person was always “cheery” every day. “Why?” I asked her. She said “she was very grateful for her job. For God giving her one more day to help others.”

We worked for a Mental Health agency. She stated, “she was more or less healthy. She loved the home she was renting, the people she worked for, and the ones she helped. What a good idea, be “grateful.”

Then I started thinking. OK, I should really be especially “grateful” because can I talk to my guides, and actually hear them. I can help other people to clear their energy, do some healing, I can do some special things others cannot. “Grateful” Counting my blessings.

Now and days there’s the virus, we have not caught it, “grateful.” Have you realized that the earth is shifting as well? It has been shifting for a long time now. I am so glad that it is shifting slowly.  “Grateful,” Since the year 2000. The Winters are different, spring comes in the same month 21 of March, each year, but it does not feel like it.

Summers are hotter than before. If shifts were any faster our iced glaciers will melt and cause further disaster. Like the warmer climates.  There are more broken rock mountains. If you pay attention to the earth shifting you will see different things.

This shifting is bringing more positive changes in our government, in all our telecommunications systems, like the internet, solar systems. Down to our eating habits. The higher our intuition will be. Our Frequency will be In this way, as well. it will be like the animals who foresee earthquakes.

We are all evolving, shifting, we could be feeling happier, waking up one day feeling good and do not know why. Knowing what you know and understand about the spiritual world. You will be taught by  your angels and clearly, how they will be able to communicate with you,

Communicating with your higher self will whisper special things in your ear. Your higher self sounds like your voice, only wiser. “Listen”.  Let’s shift our mood along with piles of earth, shift to a happier self. Things are changing and if you are ready for this change, you will be one that will be prepared.

You will not be afraid like those who are not prepared for this coming change. “Wait” It is already here. Our guides and those higher spiritual beings want us to be prepared. They want to help us adapt to a changing world by giving us energy and guidance that will shift our frequency.

Peacefulness is our goal in this life and our spiritual beings are helping us. They will sing with joy when they see us feeling happy, joyful, and peaceful. At least we should feel “Grateful” for having their guidance.  Shifting our frequency and your mood up a few notches. Been “grateful” for being here at its special life-changing time. “Grateful”


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