Sleep/Relaxation Induction

Sleeping is a very important habit to get into. Sleep is a very important life necessity. I do not have to remind you of all kinds of things that could go wrong, especially if you’re a surgeon, a transportation driver, airline operator. Lack of sleep affects our lives in every way.

Here are some tips that could help:

  • Do not drink caffeine or alcohol before bedtime.
  • Some claim that alcohol helps you fall asleep, but it affects the REM (rapid eye movement) deep sleep symptoms.
  • Open your mouth slightly, when trying to sleep.
  • Create an environment for sleeping in your sleeping area. No bright lights, no lights if that makes a difference to you. Keep it dark.
  • I have even found that changing old pillows, for new ones, help.
  • Aromatherapy like lavender, sage, Indian Shrinivas burning scents light scents,, some have a very positive light sense. Promotes relaxation.
  • Create a non-stimulant atmosphere or what you would consider an ideal environment in your bedroom for sleeping.
  • Listen to relaxing music.
  • If you still can’t sleep, get up and read
  • Do not stay in bed if you are still can’t sleep.
  • Hide the clock or cover it with something that helps hide it or dim its light.

Sleep induction script

Let’s start by tightening your eyebrow muscles by raising your eyebrows, now count to 6

in your mind and say to yourself “relax and sleep”.

Squint your eye tightly shut, count to 6 in your mind, and say to yourself, “relax and sleep”.

Tighten your jaw, by biting down on your teeth, count to 6 in your mind and say to yourself,” relax and sleep”.

Lift your shoulders muscles, hold for the count of 6 in your mind. Say to yourself, relax and sleep”.

Tilt your neck, again count to 6 in your mind let your neck fall on your pillow and relax the muscles in your neck and say “relax and sleep. Now, give yourself permission to fall asleep. If not, go on with the rest of your body.  arche your back again hold to the count of 6 in your mind, and say” relax and sleep.” Lift your arms and hold them to the count of 6 in your mind, now lay them by your side and say “relax and sleep”.

Continue with clenching your hands into a fist, as tight as your can, count to 6 in your mind and let go moving and relaxing your fingers, and say repeating to yourself “relax and sleep”. “Relax and sleep”. If you sleep on your side, turn yourself to your sleeping position. And sleep. Sleep….sleep…

Still not sleepy, continue with your anus, tighten it, to the count of 6 in your mind and say. “Relax and sleep.” Next, tighten your legs as if stretching them hold to the count of 6 in your mind. Say to yourself. “Relax and sleep”. Do the same with your toes, curl your toes intensively, count to 6 in your mind. Say to yourself. Relax and sleep. Still not sleepy, make yourself yawn. Yawn again take, a total of 3 yawns. Turn to your sleeping position and relax deeply and sleep.

Repeat this process as needed. You can also record this process on your phone or other device and as you fall asleep, the recording will turn itself off. You could add relaxing music to the recording, as well.





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