Stressed about something?

Why do we impose so much stress on ourselves?  We are always stressing about something. Are we addicted to it?  All pressure is self-imposed. I cannot remember who mentioned this, but stress is our choice. Someone or something else is making us feel like, this is against our will.


We may have the will to say, no, I am not going to let this bill, this person, my job make me feel like I have no choice but to respond to stress. We can always say” no not today.” No matter the consequences involved with the choices we make.

We have more control over our daily lives than we know. Maybe because we never have tested our wishful thinking. I have learned that setting our intentions when getting out of bed. We should all decide what kind of day we can have. Let’s say we are starting to make our morning coffee and we spill the grounds of coffee all over the floor.

You say to yourself, as you’re sweeping it up, “I hope this is not going to be a sign of how the day is going to turn out.” OK, you just put it out there. “I don’t have time for this”. Or you say the very “curse” I always hear from clients and other people “Can any of this get any worse!” “What else can happen?” (Curse). You just made it worse for yourself.

My sister always tells me, “you have 17 seconds to take it back before the universe hears you!” “Oops, too late.”

I said this one day, things got worse, all day long including at home after work. One disaster after another. I felt like I was cursed! I had cursed myself early that morning. By saying, “I hope this is not a sign of how my day is going to start!” or “can this day get any worse?”

Let’s go back to the morning. Smile and “say “today is going to be a wonderful morning” Remember to be “Grateful” even just for one thing. Say it, and feel it. That’s it. You’ll be surprised how this can change the day.

You’re at the office and you have things to do. You can start stressing about the work, you are behind the paperwork.  You don’t even want the phone to ring. Well, just ask, your guides, angels, and the universe, “please limit my phone calls today and help me finish my work or at least catch up.” Go for it all!” Finish all your work! Why not?

All you have to do is ask. Ask the universe to manage your paperwork, finish your reports, they will not write them for you, but help you manage things to get stuff done. They can provide many opportunities for you to manage your affairs. “Just ask.”

Remember, “all stress is self-imposed.” Stress is of our own choosing. “How do I want my day to go?” Realizing that we have this option is liberating and helps us to shed the stress that’s accompanies feeling like an imprisoned slave to stress.

Something in your life is making you sick. Figure out what it is and do something about it. Stress at home or work can bring consequences.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Who or what is giving you wrinkles from worrying, your stomach aches, when you just think about work or that stressing subject? Listen to your body!

Maybe it’s time to change your situation being it at work or home. Pray about it and get help from your spiritual beings, Mother Azna, and accept guidance. You don’t have to live like this! You have a choice! You don’t have to believe in anything just be open to trying. Now, “listen for their guidance”, do that, and hang on to what happens next!

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