Terrorized by an Entity

It’s time for another Reiki retreat. This means I will invite Reiki Masters and teachers, students, and Reiki petitioners to my house for three-day healing and teaching Reiki 1, 2, and 3 to those who are interested in learning Reiki, hands-on practice of healing methods.

I ask each petitioner to bring a friend and the petitioner can come for free. My cost is $150 for each person. If the partitioner brings a friend, the petitioner can come for free.

With the same token, if those who attend can bring a snack that everyone can enjoy and share, plus help with breakfast, there is a 10. Dollar deduction. Those who can stay, get a bed, and breakfast in the morning of Saturday and Sunday.

Friday those who can be there that afternoon, can have dinner on their own and get a chance to pick their beds and sometimes their rooms. I have three spare bedrooms people were assigned to if they registered early.

I used to get as many as 32 people in my 5-bedroom home. We use to have so much fun. Some of my students did not mind sleeping on my carpeted floors.

In one particular event, I remember a Reiki petitioner brought his sister to the event. She was a drug addict and sincerely wanted to stop using, but was having a hard time with it. They arrived on Friday we all enjoyed dinner and were having a good time.

On Friday evenings we all get together and do some breathing exercises, and get in a circle and pray or meditate for someone special that needs our help.

We go around in a circle and connect with our hands and feet. Lots of energy when we do this in this way.  This particular guest did not join us. Which was OK, only the petitioner was invited.

We all retired because it was getting late and I wanted to get some sleep because I had to get up early.

During the night, I heard a lot of screams and it was my new girl guest. She was yelling at her brother who had brought her here, to wake up and take her home,” I am been told that this crazy woman will kill me!” She was actually been terrorized by her entities.

When I knocked on the door she started screaming “get away from me!”. I quietly, “told her she was going to be fine; I am not going to kill you? I am here to help you. Ok? I am here for you.

Please believe me.” (I mentally was placing the divine white light on me and her.) Mentally, I was requesting my guides and angels, to connect with this girl’s guides. They did.

I said to her,” You are been terrorized by an entity, who is telling you this, it’s afraid that you will no longer need him to get high, and he does not want you to detach from him because, in reality, he needs you.

I could see this entity in my mind’s eye. He was a tall dead skinny looking male, with long long skinny fingers trying to hold on to you, with big and sunken-looking eyes?

“You can see him I always thought he was a guide,?” No, he is also too scary looking”. I invited her to come and have some relaxing tea, and we can talk some more without waking up the whole house.

It was 4:00 am and I talked to her while she cut up some veggies to add to my breakfast casserole.

We became close friends later in life. It took several sessions to clear her of those attachments she had a total of 9 entities, but guess what? In due time, she was no longer using. Today, She now joins me and others in helping those who sincerely need help with drug addiction.




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