The Divine white light, Why Use It?

I meet many people and even if they don’t know too much about the angels, I hear people talk about the white light. I call it the “Divine White Light.” Many people use it without knowing anything else about how it works.

They are interested in its power to heal, protect, and shield you from entities, and other negativity.  It is very powerful. There are many stories I can talk about how people have used the white light’s protection.

I had a family where U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) invaded their home. A little boy about the age of 10 was the first to come in contact, following the rest of the family. They only took the mother into custody. Left the rest of the family of four and their father alone. The father packed as much as they could, in a rush to get out ASAP, in fear of I.C.E. returning for them. This was a very terrifying and traumatic experience.

The mission of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is to protect America from cross-border crime and illegal immigration that threaten national security and public safety. They are causing more damage and trauma to families with these tactics and separating children from their parents.

People would call me and ask for help.  A client I had was a resident of the U.S. and had a DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) 15years ago. She paid the fine she said, took the required classes, and did all that was required of her. She never drove under the influence again.  After all these years she found out I.CE. was looking for her. She had no idea why and wanted to get a Lawyer.

She would be wasting her money and just prolonging the enivitable.  I taught her to use the Divine white light to protect herself from I.C.E.. She moved to a new home and I.C.E. never returned. I taught her and many others to use the Divine white light for protection. If someone with harmful intentions comes near you, they could be compelled to leave you alone.

The Divine white light will even make you invisible to people with negative intentions.

The Divine White light is so amazing, all you have to do is:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Using your imagination, surround yourself, with the Divine white light.
  • Surround whatever you want to be protected, for example your vehicle, family members,  pets, and/or yourself. Once you can see the Divine white light in your mind’s eye, it is complete. Done! It is that simple!

If you have fears of your home catching on fire, or burglars are keeping you up at night, you can sleep soundly knowing that you have added the Divine white light for protection. You can add double protection by asking your angels and guides to assist you with protection as well.

When you surround yourself, your children, your items at home, your car when you are driving, you are putting up a shield that insures your protection. You can also send the Divine white light to people who are needing protection during surgery or to the earth to replenish itself to continue to serve us.

Even when you walk into any kind of negative energy, earthbound, or a person who just gives you the creeps, surround yourself with the Divine white light. If you are not sure of someone, place the Divine white light on them as well.

If there is so much negativity at your place of work, and there is a co-worker who is giving you a hard time. Place the Divine white light on them, and request that they leave you alone and ask your angels to tell their angels to assist them with whatever is troubling them.

Please start using the Divine white light regularly for protection. It sincerely works.

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