Spiritual Tingling Means

Tingling sensation on the back of the neck, tingling or goosebumps on your arms. a chill.  Spiritual tingling sensation, means?

A chill could mean you are cold. But spiritually, what does that mean if it is not cold? That is your body is feeling something around your aura, there’s energy around you, It could mean someone is visiting a friend, relative, or an earthbound just hanging out in your space. These are signs from spirits guides, and angels are trying to make contact or a simple connection with you.

Or you have gotten some much-needed answers of something you are having trouble with making or getting an answer to, could be to another job, a relationship, something you have been wanting an answer to.

 Try the pendulum. Make sure you are connecting the pendulum to your angels and your guides.

Remember that you play a part in a plan. A plan of this universe, and another is waiting for your next step, it is like a puzzle and you’re the next missing piece. Also, it could be that you need to move on and the universe is trying to help you go in the right direction.

Sometimes, we don’t notice, when we get goosebumps. If you’re connected with your body and spiritual senses you must have found an answer, or the right furniture, right job, whatever it is you were looking for or confused about, you have just found what it is. Your guides or angels will let you know.

At night, let’s say you saw something from the corner of your eye. A shadow, you get a chill. We sometimes say “oh it was just my imagination.”  Believe me, you will be reminded of it again. Then you will know. It could be someone who died recently. Letting you know, “Hi I am alright”. Please don’t worry about me.”

Dogs, children, and some kids have the ability to see ghosts/ entities or feel them. Sometimes children will wake up crying, scared, and want to sleep with you. Here is something you can try to spray around the children’s room to keep the entities away.

·         Three cups of rubbing alcohol.

·         Two teaspoons of Salt.,

·         A spray bottle.

·         If you know Reiki, place the Sei-He-Ki, the Dai-Ko-Myo, the Hen-She-Ze-Sho-Nen-activate them with the Cho-Ku               Rei,

·         Mix mixture in a spray bottle, and activate it by holding it in your hands, and pray to the source or whomever you feel a connection and a purpose to, in your belief, to have the mixture eliminate all negativeness, and entities.

·         Spray around the room and in the aura around the child or person been bothered. This will take care of all

·          Or sage/smudge the room, this will work as well.

Spiritually, if you get these sensations, it’s for a reason. Always pray about it and en-circle yourself with the white light of the divine source for protection and you will be fine. Placing the Divine white light does not take any belief in it. Just do it.



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