Unusual happenings believe it or not

You hear people tell you stories that at times sound un-real.  But have you had things happen to you personally? That you believe you are imagining these things? Unusual happenings, believe it or not, I just wanted to mention some things that have happened in my life. As in that show that used to air “Ripley’s believe it or not”.  I thought I’d share some of these phenomenal stories with you.

I remember being like 6 years old, my mom had invited some people and their very young kids, she had us kids sleep in the living room giving them our beds. So, my sisters and I had to sleep on the floor and I slept on the recliner, I was small enough to fit on it.

Unusual happenings believe it or not


In the middle of the night, my dog named blackie woke me up saying to me in Spanish, “scoot over! You’re laying on top of me.”

I just scooted over and got off him. I needed to go pee, so I got up. We had an out-house in the back of our yard and it was too far to walk.

Instead, I went out the front door of our living room, we did not lock our doors, back in the day. So, I squatted on the grass. My mom had lots of flowers and other kinds of plants by the house where I was squatting, the moon was very bright that night.

I could see the shadow of the plants behind me on the grass. All of a sudden, I saw the shadows of the plants start moving back and forth, rapidly behind me growing up and spreading to the sides, as if the wind was blowing, only there was no wind. It scared me. I ran back inside and back to the recliner, Blackie was fast asleep, I laid back down beside him. Now, I believe I saw the miracles the moon does on plants.

Another time, I was walking home from school. I had brought home my color crayons to color over the weekend. My color crayon box did not have a lid to keep my color crayon in, when I saw one of the color crayons pop out of the box, all by itself??? As I bend down to pick it up a bullet hit the tree I was under, missing my head.

If I had not bent down, the bullet would have hit my head. Someone was playing with their gun or something. I will never know. But I do remember the color of the crayon was yellow, the one that jumped out of the box. It’s little things that come up that you really don’t think of being of any significance yet it is.

One time it was about 1:30, 2:00 am. I had just returned from a very exhausted Reiki healing weekend. I was in Portland at a friend’s healing event. I started to bring in all my equipment and in the corner of my eye I saw a figure sitting on my recliner, He said to me, at the same time that I had seen him. “I have been waiting for you, I wanted you to help me. but not with the others there.”

” I dropped what I had in my hands and said, “I’m sorry but I am really tired, I have to work in the morning. He disappeared. He was a tall, handsome fellow, dressed in blue jeans, blue jeans jacket a cowboy hat, and brown cowboy boots. When I asked another medium friend about him, she said he had gotten help elsewhere and he was fine.

I would love to hear about anyone else who has had unexplainable experiences or just strange occurrences. At RosaM.Luna@.com

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