What are Good Luck charms

Do they really work? That is a very good question? I have been asked this question by my clients and some even want me to activate an object of theirs or something they believe is lucky and bless it.

Clearly, luck is a state of mind. … “Lucky people are far more satisfied with all areas of their lives than unlucky or neutral people, in many studies and research has found that there is a connection between good luck and a good attitude about choices in your life.

Does this work? Only if you give it the energy. As I understand the way of “the law of Attraction” it could be a very good possibility. If you place enough energy into something and your belief in it, could happen.

In one of my chapters, I wrote about, activation of objects. This is possible in the same way for charms. People believe in wearing a certain color, or a favorite outfit could give them some sort of sense of power or miracle or a wish come true.

With color, give’s your aura, a more powerful aura and make others believe more in you because of the color that is boosting the aura which, could make you feel more confident.

Wearing certain items indeed makes you feel more ambitious, lucky, or confident. It’s dependent on how you take these feelings to a certain mental and emotional height.

How, we spend our time, researching things we are curious about, reading, building ourselves with knowledge, and interpreting the world with more positiveness and how we see it, could define us and surround us with more positive energy and luck will be on our side.

Because of the “law of attraction,” we can attract that lucky streak we are looking for. Also, remember to surround yourself with positive people. Some negative people can affect your luck streak or feel good about yourself and where you are. Be confident that those friends with a good attitude will also bring in good and positive energy, with a good attitude and good luck.

Associate and again surround yourself with good positive friends or family who are confident and will steer you to positive energy. Being patient is also vital, as a certain level of success or happiness.  Good things will happen to those who are diligent and motivated to never stop pushing toward greatness.

If you are prepared with the knowledge that is needed for whatever is coming, and you are prepared with knowledge, experience, and your ability to recognize opportunities among the noise, you will experience and identify the patterns these opportunities often form, and you will achieve the courage to take a chance. What people often say is good luck is simply a good choice or decision-making.

Been realistically and practically accomplishing personal goals and creating one’s own luck by your attitude and positive energy. One must have a positive attitude and put it out to the universe.

What you really and realistically want and desire and place out to the universe. Consequences about realistically and practically accomplishing personal goals are how you will be working with the universe in attracting the energy you want.


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