What do you know about intuition?

You know we are all intuitive, right? Some of us just practice it more and more often than none, we just know what the right answer is. Let’s say when you are driving down the freeway and have the feeling to slow down because at this moment you could be falling into a speed trap?

So intuitively you slow down, and YES! Your glad you listened to your feelings, because you just passed a police car, looking and waiting for a speeder. The police cars remind me of spiders waiting for their prey. Who do you thank for this expensive, waste of your hard-earned money? thanks to intuition? Is it possible, that it could be your spirit guides? Your angels, God, your spiritual source.

Or the famous very clear one. When your cell phone rings and you automatically know who it is calling you? You say to your self “Wow, how did I know that? Intuition! The more you practice the better you get. Many people I know have a very good connection with their life spiritual guides and can trust in them to be right about what they (your guides, angels) are telling you.

Just out of nowhere you took a guess and you were right, again. Once you practice, this can become a gift. I had a friend, that was very good at this. We were watching a game on T.V. it was about some people who were losing weight and publicly got on scales and weigh themselves and this friend of mind guessed 4 people’s weight to the pound. I was so impressed.

I asked him how he could guess so precisely? if he had no contact with those people? He did not even know them. He said that his boys, meaning his spirit guides, or spiritual companions he called them. Would show him a number in his mind’s eye.

I later tried to play the guessing game myself, but it did not work.  I guess it only works when it’s a serious matter. Because as a healer, I feel I get intuition when needed. When I met my guides, I met one of them who precisely said he was the one who assists me with intuition.  During healing, I request him to help someone with a problem.

I had a client who said he was having dreams of when he was at war. He was dreaming of this friend he had lost in the war and wanted to know if his friend was OK. All of a sudden, I received in my mind’s eye. A vision of a man dying in my clients’ arms. I asked my friend if he had lost this friend and he died in his arms? He stated he had lost several friends in the war, but only one of them died in his arms. He asked me how did I know that?

Preparation for a healing session

Before I start healing, I pray to my spirit guides, my angels, and my universal source, (God and mother God) I ask for them to accompany me in this sacred healing. For them to use me as a healing instrument to assist my fellow brothers and sisters for their higher good. To assist in their healing in whichever way they see for it to be done. I then ask my guides to please connect to my clients Angels and spirit guides for them to assist me through my guides and Angels.

You see, Spirit guides and yours and mind do not lie. Only we humans can lie. But our lively spirit guides and angels cannot lie, So, sometimes, when I ask the Client a question and they lie to me, I try not to accuse them of lying, but rephrase the question, and tell them that is not what I am getting.

Sometimes, my re-phrasing my questions works. Afterward, I smudge or my healing room. All is well, I then try to pray for the health and healing of my client. My intuition never fails me. I continue to play those games on TV. But that does not work for me. I continue to trust my Guides and the more I do the more confident I feel, with their help. We all have intuition, we just have to pray for our guides and angels for assistance and guidance.


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