What Is Curanderismo?

More on Curanderismo. Curanderismo is a holistic approach to wellness that has been used in the Americas for hundreds of years and usually has its roots within Millenia-old Native traditions. I feel it’s kind of hard to believe. This stuff really works. You do have to have some knowledge of how the herbs will work with the combination of other herbs. All this comes with passing on knowledge and experience. Nowadays, there are apprentices everywhere, for those who want to make a career in Curanderismo, you won’t get rich in this field, but you will be helping a lot of people who believe in been healed the alternative way.

My Mom passed on this tradition to me. I have learned through her. This way of healing has been passed to her from her mother and her mother from her grandmother and the beat goes on. But, in reality, anyone can become a healer.

I use Reiki in my curanderismo practice. It makes the healings 85% stronger. And prayer as well. Plus, you are using your celestial Reiki guides and more helpers like the angels of the person receiving the healing.

The receiver does not need to believe in what is going on, just be willing to accept the prayers and the laying of the hands. I am willing to teach What I know and pass it on to others along with other knowledge of what I know, using my experience.

If needed I too will be able to give out certifications on receiving the certifications for Reiki one, two, and three and Master Reiki Teacher for others to teach as well. I will be doing this soon and welcome anyone willing to learn and do the ritual healings taught to us and passed on by our ancestors.

You can go to any Curandera or a Curandero, and check them out. They won’t charge an arm and a leg. They are all pretty much reasonable. Some will do Tarot card readings. I do readings as well, but I use my guides and Reiki guides, and the pendulum to do my readings.

I am not always accurate I would say maybe 85% accurate, but only God is 100% for sure. So always pray to him or Mother God Anza. As a woman, I enjoy praying to her. I feel she knows how it is to be a woman.

I use my guides that have followed me throughout my past lives and this life. which I have been told that I have incardinated 153 times here on earth and this is my last life here on this earth. I am excited about this. I truly felt this was my last life. Believe me, I am ready. I also am excited about what God and my guides have in the plan for me next.

I just might be put on another planet. Only God and my guides know.  My Reiki Master stated It is my choice to come back or not, She mentioned that one of my great-grandsons will need me. I could also come back as a guide.

My opinion on that is why?  People don’t listen to each other, what makes me think that as a voice in people’s heads, will they listen? Sometimes, it is pretty hard to tell the difference between a good spirit or a physic attack.

There was an unknown spirit tell me one day to stab my loving grandson to see how it felt.  I yelled, “stand away and behind me satanas!”. That ugliness left. Which is another thing you have to be careful about. Not to leave your crown charka open like that. So be careful about how much you are going to drink alcohol or smoke pot. Thank you for reading this.



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