What is Dowsing?

What is Dowsing? Have you heard of dowsing? It is used for finding water or other fragments buried under the earth. People have used it for many years to find water. It is called a dowsing rod. It moves and responds to random movements of the person holding the rod. The earth energy is responding making the random movements occur in the rod.

I use a pendulum for dowsing. The pendulum works just as well as the dowsing rod.

When a person calls me and is asking for me to pray or to check on someone or asking about oneself. I draw their body like a stickman.

I place the divine holy white light all around me as I draw the stickman. I have my guides and my angels connect with the angels and guides of the person I have on the phone. While I connect, I ask the person of interest their name and birthdate.

I write down their name and birthdate. As I slowly draw the stickman and as my pen draws it, I notice where my pen jiggles or skipped or dented or if there was a darker printed area.

This will tell me what is going on with the person. I did this for a lady one day and my pen dented when I arrived at this person’s stomach area. I advised her to see a doctor. Turned out she was pregnant and did not know it. She called me to validate what I had found.

Sometimes, If I am going to meet someone, I do dowsing on that person to check on how they are doing physically. At the time of the appointment, I go back to my stickman and check off what I found out about this person before we meet. Most of the time I check with the stickman and get validations.

I was taught this method by a beautiful young Reiki Master healer. I met with this healer during an interview for a position with the “Luna institute of Curanderos.” Very interesting healer. She made her living by selling healing herbs and healing ornaments she would find in the woods in rivers or just in nature.

She did dowsing on me before I met her and checked her stickman for validations. I was very amazed and intrigued. I wanted her to teach this method at the institute. We were very honored and grateful when she accepted. I have met many interesting people in my life of healing.

People with abilities to heal others. Some I never heard from again. They come and go into my life. That is their destiny. We must go where we are meant to be to learn and share our lives with. I miss my old friends.

I just found out one of my oldest teachers died. She was 84 years old. She died in her sleep just like she wanted to. Healthy as a horse. Her heart stopped. She was ready to end this life and start another. Stickman is a way to exercise your psychics.

Sometimes we have to keep up with the practices to build confidence. Back then I did not have anyone to practice with to keep our abilities up. All my people worked as well. Up to this day, I have not met any other healer who uses the stickman method.


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