What is Muscle Testing?

Have you heard of muscle testing? To me, it is like using a pendulum only using your own fingers as the testing for the answers yes or no using your body. Many of us who took the class to learn muscle testing had to practice using this method. I tried to learn it, and it works. But I believe, it depends on your energy and state of mind.

What you really have to do is request your higher self or your guides and angels for the answer. As always, request the help of the spiritual beings and those others you depend on their help.

Just like the pendulum you can influence the answer. You will need to ask the question and remove your thinking of the answer and think of something else like “what did I have for breakfast this morning?” “What shall we have for dinner?” This will remove your energy from the answer.

How to use this particular muscle testing? You make a closed ring circle shape using your thumb and middle finger on one hand, then make another thumb and middle finger with the other hand

Placing the two circles together like a two-linked chain.  Link the circles together like two links in a chain. So, now chose which hand is the yes, and which hand is the no. It is better to decide the yes and no hand and not change your mind later. This only confuses you.

Pick which hand is yes and which hand is no and stay with that decision.

Once you have chosen, the pressure hand will remain locked, and closed while the resistance hand will split open for the “no” and the other hand will remain closed for the “yes” answer.

Putting it another way, you can intend for both circle fingers to remain locked on a “yes” answer and both break on a “no answer. Try varying the amount of resistance in the circles, while saying something negative or positive. As you make a statement, try to pull the circled fingers apart. Practice this for yourself.

Remember that you are simply attempting to find the strength setting that allows the circled fingers to pull apart on a negative statement, and remain linked on a positive statement.

Using this method takes practice and making it work for you. There is another method, which is not as popular. The body swaying method. This method was used in ancient times for kings to prove that a servant or citizen was lying or telling the truth.

A high priest would be used in this life-making decision and if the priest’s body would sway forward the person would be spared been beheaded.  But if the body of the priest would sway backward the person would be hung or beheaded.

Today, very few people use this method. You can always, of course, invoke your spiritual beings and I’d cover myself with the Divine white light. Just in case I was the high priest at that ancient time, making life decisions for those poor souls. (Karma)

You close your eyes and have someone or yourself ask a yes or no question. And see what happens. Swaying forward was like coming forward with the truth. Falling backward was like avoiding a lie or stepping back from the negative.

There is also using the extended arm method using the pushing down pressure on the arm. This is very popular with many people as well. These are just some of the muscle testing ways a person could use to find out more of the ways to muscle testing using the body.

I am sure there is more, if you are curious enough to discover more methods look it up on the internet.


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