When Am I Going to Die?

Have you ever thought of this question? How am I going to die? Most of us just want to die painlessly. I do anyway. Die in my sleep. I will never wake up and will think I am still dreaming. Maybe, but according to what I understand. We have already made those arrangements before we came to this earth before we were born.

According to what I understand, we have 3 to 4 chances of picking a time to go home, by experiencing an accident, somebody trying to kill us, getting a disease, even committing suicide, we get to choose when we want to pick a time to go home. During those times, we have a decision to make.

We create our life plan before our incarnation. We plan for the type of life purpose were going be like being a lawyer, doctor, healer, teacher of some sort of career that will touch others to inspire someone. Someone who we are scheduled to save someone’s life.

Save or inspire someone who is connected to that person and you are a vital part of that person’s life.  We all got together with the people we are connected to right now. Your parents, your significant other, your children, even your dog, cats, or other animals that you have in your life.

Each of us chooses these precise experiences before we come to earth. Sometimes, I hear that we plan almost every step and other times I understand we plan only those major parts of our life. There is something like a committee that helps us understand this plan which includes the people we meet and have in our lives.

But especially our guardian angels and our spirit guides who have been with us and sometimes are our ancestors a grandparent who has descended. Beings that have been with us throughout our other past lives. These beings help us keep on track of our life purpose and to learn our personal lessons.

Sometimes our guardian angels and spirit guides will intervene if we are about to be killed and without our permission especially if we have not learned our lessons or it is not our time to die. If our “intersection time” comes up they will help us make a decision especially if we have not completed our purpose or learned the lessons we are to learn.

We will decide to stick around until our next “intersection” comes around. I remember when I was working with a client that no one else wanted to work with. I was working the graveyard shift and I needed to get this client his meds.

It was getting pretty late, and I knocked on his door and he grabbed me and said “you will have to do!” He threw me on the floor and started to take my clothes off, I screamed but I knew no one would be able to hear me.

I very clearly heard my angle guides say really loud “tell him you don’t like white men”.  I thought “Oh, I can’t say that he will kill me!” as I was struggling with him, I heard them say again, only louder. “TELL HIM YOU DON’T LIKE WHITE MEN!!! I yelled this to the client and he jumped off me, gave me my clothes and I ran out. I did not know at that time, they were my guardian angels, yelling at me.

I told my supervisor the next day what had happened and they took him off my assignment. It turned out he was a very dangerous client who had a very bad criminal record and that was why others did not want to work with him.

But I was raising three children by myself and they were paying good money for that shift and I could see my children before they left to school in the mornings and for two hours at night before they went to bed.

I did feel however, that was one of the times that I could have made a choice to ignore them, but on their second warning, I made the choice to listen to them. That is what saved my life. I feel that was one of the “intersection” times.

”TELL HIM YOU DON’T LIKE WHITE MEN!!! Isn’t it crazy how they knew what I needed to say to this mentally ill client? Listening to that saved me? I think of this incident frequently. But that’s another story for another time.

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