Wishing and Manifesting

We are always saying “I wish this I wish that” and when you get it, you were not specific enough. “Let’s say you want a fluffy “dog to play with for your birthday, to have as a companion and someone says” I got you a puppy”. But it turns out it is a stuffed little puppy; that barks and walks with you, a toy.  You were not clear and specific enough that you wanted a real “live” puppy.

Maybe, this is a wrong example, but when you wish for something, the universe will get you what you asked for.  But you have to be specific enough to get what you wish for. Another way of manifesting is to visualize yourself in a joyful, fulfilling lets’ say relationship.

Make a list of what you want your partner to be and what character, mannerisms, and what it is you would like him to have as in humor, personality, and so on. Hold the list between your hands and pray into the list.

If you know Reiki, place the symbols into the list using the Sei-He-Ki and the Cho-Ku-Rei. Do your meditation and place the list under your lighted candle.  Do this from a full moon to a new moon. This will add to the energy of what you are wishing for. Remember to be careful of what you wish for.

Do the same with a wish list of any kind. A new car, a new house. Do not limit yourself. Thinking this is all I can afford is limiting yourself, go all out. See yourself in a new home with the keys in your hand. Hold the list between your hands and meditate.

If you know the Reiki symbols, use the Cho-Ku-Rei and double it using your image from your third eye to manifest it. Using affirmations can be more powerful.  Phrase it by using the following affirmation:

“I ask for these things, or their equivalents or better, according to free will, harming none, and for the good of all.” Using this affirmation can be revised to fit almost any situation. Using this gives your wish list and manifesting more positive intent and positive energy. This also corrects any ethical mistakes.

I used this confirmation from the Diane stein workbook. Lots of wonderful tools in that book.

If you are wishing or manifesting for someone who is in a relationship, or in such a way that deprives someone, it is unethical. It will not work. If you will hurt some else who is involved with another person. This could be that they are together because it is in their cards, destiny.

In asking for a job, for example, it is wrong to ask for someone else’s job. Ask instead for the best-paying and pleasing job for you.  Another way is to remember there are other ways to manifest things. By using your angels and spiritual beings that are available to you.  Pray and petition to our Mother Goddess Azna, you don’t necessarily have to believe in her. Just be willing to try her out. You’ll see.

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