Limpiada de Huevo Cleansing with an Egg

Have you heard of Limpiada de huevo cleansing with an egg to cure a headache, stomach aches, cramps, removing of entities, anyone who has placed an “evil eye”?  (Energy with bad intentions) or strong energy desire of a person. Using an egg is a healing modality administered by rubbing it all over a person’s body can help with many ills.

Limpiada de huevo cleansing with an egg

This old method of healing with an egg is very ancient. It comes from other countries and we Mexican people have used this way of healing that has been passed down from one generation to another up today’s modernization of times.  I use it on almost every illness. On babies, especially, people give babies “el mal de Ojo.” Once they are rubbed with an egg to prevent nightmares so they can sleep peacefully.

It was my grandson’s graduation party and there were many people around him, hugging him, talking to him, congratulating him for making it out of school with great grades. He was getting a lot of attention from his friends and family.

When he all of a sudden started vomiting, he stated he had a bad headache and needed to lay down. The party did not stop. But I pulled my grandson to the side and swept him the egg and told him to lay down for a few minutes. About 10 minutes later, he was back associating with others being his” happy go lucky self”

Nonetheless, I see “the egg” as a magnet that draws out negative energy. While skeptics might criticize holistic healing in comparison to modern scientific medicine, I’ve performed many healings with “an egg” it has created miracles, like, for example,

In certain instances, sickly family members were up and around after weeks or months of illness; it’s almost hard to believe, but I am personally have been the witness who has had the experience of using the egg on that family and that have gotten well.  And yes, people can use the egg, by just rubbing it in the following way;

  • Pray over the egg/or place the sign of the cross three times, have a clear glass of water ready to break it into when ready to.
  • Or if you are a Reiki Practioner, place the sacred symbols on the egg and request its mission to activate it.
  • Start rubbing the egg clockwise on the top of your head
  • Rub egg clockwise on your eyes, ears, and lips. back of your neck and down the spine.
  • Up and down your arms, torso, up to one leg, and down the other.
  • Hold it in your hands
  • Hold it for a few moments on your first charkas, (between your thighs).
  • Break it into the glass, when done reading it, sprinkle salt on it and
  • After thanking the egg, flush it down the toilet or give it back to the earth, by burying it.

On another occasion, I myself got real sick during my retirement party, I received a lot of attention. Gave a speech, was roasted, we all laughed, cried, it was a very emotional retirement party. The party had not finished went I got very ill.

I knew, what I needed to be done. My brother who is a curandero himself swept me an egg and I was ready to party again within 20 to 30 minutes after a very short nap. Some younger people don’t need a nap.

individuals received good news after a streak of negativity or bad luck and others recovered from emotional or physical trauma. Nonetheless, while I hesitate to identify with any religion I was baptized and raised Catholic, and from birth, many of our holistic healing comes from our people’s religious beliefs. We bless our egg healing starting with the sign of the cross.

Praying over the egg, and activating its powers.  I cannot deny that “the egg” has ever failed me or my family. Although my opinions or beliefs might change in the future, my faith stands right where I left it: in the heart of my family’s motherland.



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