Reunited with Stillborn children

I had a client who wanted to have a baby, we tried some treatments and when she went to the Doctor, she found out she was having twins. Unfortunately, she could not carry the baby’s full term.

Her husband brought her back to me because she had gotten very depressed, feeling she was not going to ever get pregnant again. After all, it took her a long time to conceive this time around. She was worried.

Talking to her, she had her heart set on having a child. So, I decided to ask her if she would permit me to do some hypnotherapy and help her to see her twins in heaven?

What she asked, do I have to die? No, I explained the process and tested some hypnosis to check if she would be easy to hypnotize. I learned she would be a good subject and assisted her to be reunited with her children.


She agreed. I used “the limbing up some steps to heaven induction.” When there, at the top of the stairs, I mentioned that there would be a mist of holy water that she would have to stand under before she could come and take a step onto the steps of heaven.

This would cleanse her and had forgiveness of her sins and her guilt.

I explained that this too would qualify her to step into a holy place for visiting only. My Client was feeling somewhat guilty, thinking it was something she had done and it was her fault for losing her twins.

After the mist, I noticed tears dripping down from my Client’s eyes. Later she explained she felt forgiven for her sins. (this breaks me into tears of happiness, for her).

So, I had my Client take a glance at a meadow full of beautiful and colorful fields of all kinds of exotic flowers. Told her to pick some for her twins.

I directed her to a bench to sit and wait for some visitors, I asked “who are those two silhouettes coming towards her?” My Client saw two bodies coming closer to her.

To her surprise, it was a boy and a girl and she said they wanted her to play with them. I told her I would give her a few minutes of privacy.

Moments after, she started sobbing, I counted her back to our time and she explained, that they played and as they played, they told her she would be able to see them again except she would have to wait for them one by one.

She stated they said they had to go now because they had things to prepare for.

My Client started sobbing again, I gave her a few minutes, and said she was so happy that she met them.

Said she did not feel depressed anymore and was glad her husband made her come to see me. I too was happy that this induction worked.

My client four months later conceived and had a baby boy later of course… She invited me to her bautismo/ baptism. I was so happy for her.

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