How to Get Rid of Unwanted Entities

Entities are caught in the wrong dimension, who sometimes need help in moving on; are non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with a person’s energy, emotions and occupy a person’s place such as a house or room. Although there is some acceptance of such phenomenon, it is largely misunderstood and not many people know how to deal with such beliefs. Some of the following could be a sign of entities. As always, surround yourself with the Divine white light for protection. before doing anything with ghosts.



  • Drafts- that you don’t see or feel where they are coming from.
  • Noise- such as people talking, footsteps, when you know that you are alone.
  • Light blinking on and off. Or
  • A light bulb blows up.
  • Sometimes, people feel fatigued, have no energy, every tired.
  • A feeling of being watched.
  • You feel spooked.
  • People feel depressed when they are in the house but feel better when going outside and away from home.
  • A gut feeling that things just aren’t right.
  • You get goosebumps when you feel like someone is watching you.

What to Do;

In cases like this first thoroughly smudge the house with sage or sage and cedar incense. Fill each room with the smoke and pray on each corner for clearance and behind doors and over windows. Tell the entity.,” I am here to help you move on. you do not have to feel afraid.”

At this point, you will feel its presence. Send love to the entity invite his spirit guides, asking them to take the person home. Be gentle and polite, because even if they are no longer “alive” they can still feel threatened.

Even if they refuse or say no, it’s because they are not sure about your intentions, they cannot do you any harm at this moment. Spirits may think that they are not worthy and maybe afraid. For them to leave they may need to see someone, they know like a relative or their favorite animals that have passed.

Request that their spirit guides bring someone forth to take them home. Tell the entity that these people and /or animals have been waiting for him/or her. I have them attach their energy to my pendulum and when my pendulum starts swing in a clockwise position. I know that they are attached to my pendulum.

I request that after they have crossed over to let go of their energy from my pendulum. My pendulum will slow down or completely stop, then I know they have crossed over safely. The theory about spirit attachments is that they have indeed completed a job, having caused the person they are attached to them to undergo a learning experience agreed upon before incarnating. Now, the learning has been accomplished, the dis-ease or pain is no longer needed.

Such entities inhabit the lower dimensional realm where they are stuck and can go no further. This is not where they belong or need to be. When entering a body from which they will be released in healing, they will find the way to go where they belong. The person receiving the healing and the healer releasing them have done both a service.

Spirit attachments are not something to be afraid of. If they appear in healing, it’s because they are ready to be on their way home.

Make sure you smudge /sage after healing of entities, it’s safer to have them cleared completely, they could leave their residue and can give someone an illness, headaches, diarrhea. etc. As always surround yourself with the Divine white light for protection whenever dealing with entities.

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